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Theatre Lovett Actor Training at the Gate Theatre

We have been running this very popular course for 10 years. The course takes place at The Gate Theatre, Dublin and previously ran at The Abbey Theatre, Dublin.
International students can apply and we are happy to advise on logistics and partner accommodation. 

                           Playing for your Audience Course 1                                          

Five day intensive practical workshops for professional actors led by Louis Lovett at the Gate Theatre. 

This course introduces actors to theatre making for audiences of all ages.

  • Bridging the divide between the performer and the audience.
  • Our physical presence and how to arrive at a state of calm and openness to our audience.
  • How the actor’s focus can become the audience’s focus.
  • How to bring mischief into your play. Be BOLD in your play and how to FAIL with aplomb.
  • Chorus work. Moving and working as a team.
  • Gauging your audience’s level of excitement, fear, attention or boredom. How? Why? What to do next? 

Also Muireann Ahern introduces

  • European models of theatre practice for young audiences.
  • Knowing our audience and age appropriate work.

Finally... there will be an opportunity to play in front of a young audience on the Gate Theatre stage to apply some course techniques.

Next course: Dates to be announced soon

To apply: Please send your biog and headshot with a brief note outlining why you wish to participate to 

Course cost €200 

Playing for your Audience Course 2

This week is open to participatnts who have completed Theatre Lovett Actor Training Course One.


Course Directors Biographies

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“This is the best workshop I’ve been on, including my full time actor training"

“Terrific, a very good experience for an actor working in all types of theatre for all ranges of audiences.''

“Theatre Lovett have a wonderful, interactive, caring and insightful approach. Their way of facilitating is inspiring.''

''If this could happen regularly it would be a real gift to a lot of young theatre makers. And not have to leave the country to do it!” 

"The integrity with which Theatre Lovett approach their work is appreciated. The rigour, professionalism and experience shine through.”

“In my career and training to date I have not come across a duo like Muireann and Louis where the fluidity of what they teach is so spot on and inspiring to be around.”