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They Called Her Vivaldi

M. Haberdasher has crafted very peculiar earmuffs for his very particular daughter Cecilia Maria. Don’t shout about it but Cecilia Maria thinks they make her look fascinating and has whispered her thanks. They Called her Vivaldi is an upbeat comedy-adventure about a sensitive musical-prodigy making a quiet name for herself in a cacophonous world.  As our young heroine journeys over cobblestones and canals, she learns about love, loss, the place of salt in our diet and the courage to lose her footing without losing her way.

For ages 7 plus and adults of all ages.

“With true comic spirit, Theatre Lovett defies all age groupings to appeal to everybody.”
The Irish Independent

They Called her Vivaldi will be at The Abbey Theatre on the Peacock stage from 30th November to 23rd December 2017 following an extensive nationwide tour (full details coming soon).

Click here for Teachers Resource Pack – They Called Her Vivaldi


“Theatre Lovett, one of the most imaginative and indispensible companies at work today.”
Peter Crawley, Irish Times

“Incredible sonic effects... brilliant sound design... and the usual attention to visual style.”
Sara Keating, Sunday Business Post

Creative Team

Written by Louis Lovett
Directed by Muireann Ahern and Carl Kennedy

Cast: Genevieve Hulme Beaman and Louis Lovett

Set and Lighting Design by Zia Holly | Costume Design by Liadain Kaminska | Composed by Carl Kennedy and Louis Lovett | Prop Maker and Scenic Artist Molly O'Cathain | Stage Manager Justin Murphy | Chief LX on Tour Eoin McNinch | Production Manager Peter Jordan | Produced by Muireann Ahern | Assistant Producer Jeanine MacQuarrie

Photo credit: Ros Kavanagh

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What the audience thinks...

“'They Called Her Vivaldi' was superb - beautifully written and performed.”

“Now that’s how you do theatre! Can't remember laughing so much.”

“The most exceptionally crafted piece of theatre.”

“Spellbound by the grace and elegance of every carefully planned and executed movement on the stage.”

"Really loved 'They Called Her Vivaldi' by the ever inventive Theatre Lovett.”

“Thoroughly enchanting and beautiful.”

“Such a mix of mystery, quirkiness and great character!”

“Another wonderful Theatre Lovett show!”

“Theatre Lovett how you make this engaging entertaining mesmerising theatre look so easy!!! Vivaldi was fantastic.”

Feedback from young audiences (Ages 6 to 14 years)

“That was absolutely the best best best show that I EVER EVER saw.” 

“We liked the part when Vivaldi said 'this is my Capello that used to be yellow.”

“An Amazing, Awesome, Brilliant, Beautiful, Crazy, Cool, Delightful, Exciting, Fun, Fascinating, Great, Hilarious, Happy Show!”